We help great brands
create iconic scents.


Great products smell
as good as they feel.


Iconic scents start
with a pure concept.


Great partnerships mean
understanding every detail.


At Agilex, smell isn’t the only sense that we’re passionate about. Our vision is to be the preferred creative fragrance partner for clients who trust us to maximize the value of their brand. Great brands drive emotion; great partnerships drive business.

We design creative fragrances and innovate technical solutions for a broad range of market categories that include air care, personal care, fine fragrance and household products.

We combine winning scents with visionary marketing concepts and unique technologies that differentiate our customers’ brands.

We provide the highest quality fragrances, superior customer service and comprehensive regulatory support.

Our advantages will set you apart.

Our unparalleled creativity, proven marketing approach, best-in-class technology and reliable manufacturing ensures that your brand’s messaging — from inception to creation — is never lost.

Fragrance Manufacturers


At the core of every great scent is a creative process that captures the essence of your brand.

Fragrance Companies


Visionary marketing and in-depth consumer insights will help your brand reach new heights.

Fragrance Manufacturer

Innovation &

Innovative delivery systems and exceptional technical support helps us to deliver the right scent for your product.

Fragrance Company


Flexible manufacturing facilities ensure your final fragrance oil is produced consistently and on time.

Our capabilities make scents.

Air care, personal care fragrances and home care scents all evoke emotion and sentiment. They appeal to our imagination and charm us with vivid memories of past experiences. Creating the right scent for your brand is our passion and expertise.

Great air care products don’t just smell fantastic, they transport us back to memorable times and happy places. We transform experiences into enduring fragrances for all forms of air freshening products.

Memory is triggered by scent. We create scents that build lasting impressions.

We scent products that smell as effective as they are.

Today’s customers want home care products that work well and smell great. How do you create a scent that complements your product’s color and message? We can design a scent that reinforces your brand’s positioning. Whether you want a fragrance that you can curl up with or one that signals a clean kitchen, Agilex Fragrances can help.

When you’ve taken the time to develop an exceptional personal care product, it’s important to ensure that you infuse it with the perfect fragrance to help drive sales. When you partner with Agilex Fragrances, we’ll help elevate your product to new heights with compelling scents that appeal to your target market.

All memorable personal care products have one thing in common…they excite the senses.

It takes art and science to scent commercial spaces…we excel at it.

In the industrial and institutional industry, maximizing performance while maintaining a cost-effective solution is critical. We recognize the importance of developing a custom fragrance solution that is tailored to the unique requirements of our clients’ products.

We don’t do projects…we do partnerships.

The Agilex creative process is finely tuned. From extensive market insights that guide our perfumers to regulatory reviews and production, we’ll help your brand come to life.