Air Care
Fragrance Development

At Agilex Fragrances, we recognize that your brand deserves a fragrance that captivates the senses. With access to the latest and most popular trends in the fragrance world, we’re always ready to help you develop the latest scents to boost your air care products into a larger market share.


With the ambience of a flickering flame and the comforting scent they provide, candles are one of life’s small luxuries. It comes as no surprise that fragrance and color are two of the most important drivers in the buying decision for candles. However, it’s not just the smell of your candle while it’s burning that secures a sale. Many consumers will smell your candle in-store to see if they like it. Ensuring the “cold throw” of your candle is appealing is just one of the many complex attributes that are key to consumer purchases.

At Agilex Fragrances, we create and manufacture scents that appeal to your target market from when consumers first smell it in-store to when it fills their home with a beautiful scent. We excel at developing fragrances that meet the performance requirements of our clients.

Scented Wax Melts

Like candles, the success of scented wax melts relies heavily on an appealing fragrance. Successfully scenting wax melts is more complex than it seems and requires a fragrance manufacturer who is equipped to create the strong fragrance that your product requires.

Everything, down to the type of wax your product is made of needs to be carefully analyzed to ensure there are no problems such as seepage, discoloration or lack of cold or hot throw. At Agilex Fragrances, we are experts at creating high-performing fragrances.

Passive Air Fresheners

Passive air fresheners scent the air without heat or air movement. We not only excel at creating high-performing fragrances for these products, we also have innovative delivery systems, such as our solvent-based reed diffusers, known as AromaReed™. We also utilize our breakthrough fragrance solubilization platform, AquaFuse®, which enables us to formulate water-based wicking systems with fragrance levels up to 20%.

Our ready-to-use products can be customized to last between 30 and 120 days. There is no need to flip the reeds and the product is completely self-consuming, meaning there’s an end-of-use signal.

Active Air Fresheners

To provide a stronger scent experience, your brand may want to develop a line of diffusers that incorporate heat, electricity or a fan to actively distribute your brand’s scent throughout a space.

Because of the heat and evaporation involved, fragrances have to be specifically designed for this application. At Agilex Fragrances, we have the ability and experience to optimize the fragrance for maximum performance in all types of active air freshening systems.

Our AromaGel® scented gel is manufactured in-house and provides a consistent fragrance release. Because it shrinks, there is a visual end-of-use indicator. AromaGel® can be colored and will remain transparent throughout the product’s life.

Room Sprays

Our AquaFuse® spray is an innovative, water-soluble fragrance technology that provides previously unattainable fragrance levels and is suitable for use in almost any water-based application. This room spray is customizable to meet client-specific requirements.

Our Technologies

AromaGel® is our patent pending oil based fragrance matrix, which provides controlled linear release of your fragrance. AromaGel® is crystal clear and can be colored. It works well with all fragrance types and is sold as a ready to use scented gel. It is compliant with environmental regulations and works well with active systems. It is suitable for both consumer and industrial applications.

AquaFuse® is a patent-pending fragrance technology that has the ability to solubilize unprecedented fragrance levels in water. AquaFuse® is clean, safe and ethanol-free and gives a truer fragrance impression with almost no solvent odor. It can be used in passive or active wicking systems, room/refresher sprays and any other applications that require high levels of fragrance oil in water. For wicking systems, strength and use-up rate are customizable to meet client-specific requirements.

MetaGel® is our patented air-freshening gel matrix that can be heavily loaded with up to 85% fragrance. The gel is produced without heat, eliminating heat-related fragrance loss during manufacturing. It is non-thermal reversible, very effective at scenting small spaces and can be used in both active and passive systems.

AromaReed is a great option when you need an exceptional, aromatic home scent that is decorative and highly fragrant. As an industry leader in reed diffuser performance standards, Agilex’s AromaReed incorporates specially formulated fragrance solutions designed for excellent character translation and maximum cold throw.