Creative Fragrance Development

Fragrance Manufacturer in NJ & NYC

Fragrance is such an integral part of your brand that choosing the wrong scent can have devastating effects on your market share. At Agilex Fragrances, we design scents specifically for our clients’ brands after extensive market research with the goal of creating exceptional, brand-specific fragrances that meet your product’s needs.

Our team environment allows for a fluid and dynamic creation process. In order to ensure the customized fragrance our creative team develops best represents the client’s brand, we dedicate ourselves to forming partnerships with our clients. This allows us to provide exceptional product delivery, customer service and quality control while we meet their needs.

These facets of our company culture are just one part of what makes Agilex Fragrances the most dynamic fragrance manufacturer in the industry. All of our fragrance development and creative teams are based in the United States.

Perfumery Team

Perfumers have their hands in both the artistry and the technical aspects of scent creation. They need to understand how each fragrance material interacts while also understanding how to create a fragrance that enhances a product’s image.

Our creative and analytical perfumers have extensive experience developing  winning scents for companies across a variety of industries.

The key attributes of our perfumery team include:

  • Unsurpassed creativity with an innate ability to translate your fragrance concept into the perfect scent.
  • The expertise to develop winning fragrances across a wide variety of product categories, including air care,  home care, personal care, and industrial and institutional care products.
  • The know-how to understand difficult base chemistries and scents in products that are exposed to extreme conditions.
  • Knowledge of international regulatory requirements based on years of experience.
  • Membership and active participation in the American Society of Perfumers with key roles in that organization, including members of the Board of Directors.

Fragrance Evaluators

Our fragrance evaluators are trained to make sure that the fragrances our perfumers create are perfectly aligned with the client’s needs. Much like perfumers, they are trained to understand raw material palettes so they can talk about not only the emotions the scent invokes, but the science behind it.

Our fragrance evaluators are a critical part of our client teams and are assigned to key accounts. This helps ensure that our clients have a specialist in our company to oversee the development of their brand’s unique fragrances. Their unique skills and tools include:

  • Awareness of fragrance preferences in a broad range of distribution channels and demographics.
  • An in-depth understanding of each client’s olfactive profile.
  • Knowledge of key current and future fragrance trends and how to relate them to your brand.
  • In-house panel testing of fragrances to ensure the fragrance performs as expected.
  • A comprehensive computerized library for sources of inspiration.

Marketing Experts

When you have a new product to introduce to the market, your primary goal is to ensure its success. Large fragrance companies are able to offer the advantage of marketing assistance.

At Agilex Fragrances, we provide your company with the marketing services you come to expect from a large company with small company flexibility, customer-centric values and attention to detail. We want to work with you to create a fragrance that will help position your product for the best possible advantage in a competitive marketplace.

When working with our marketing experts, you can expect:

  • Consumer insights to support customized marketable product concepts for your needs.
  • A deep understanding of the product categories and markets in which your brands live.
  • Proactive product promotion tools, such as Trend Blast and Agilextras.
  • Annual trend presentations and category overviews.
  • Trend treks that highlight inspirational hot spots.
  • Relevant, creative fragrance concepts that assist you and your brand in the product development process.

Innovation and Application Specialists

When we develop a compelling new scent, our innovation and application specialists are at the heart of our creative teams. By ensuring the availability of technical specialists during the development process, we can proactively identify and solve problems along the way.