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For years, Agilex has created fragrances that have defined leading brands. In partnership with our clients, we bring exceptional fragrance development, operational excellence and strategic alliance to the air care, home care, personal care and institutional products industries.

"The Agilex team continues to amaze me with their capabilities and their integration with my team. We love what they've created for us."

Jason Diller,
VP - The DSM Group

Meet our Team

Real-time sales flip-books are more than one man can handle, no matter how many digits of Pi I can remember. That’s three, by the way. That’s why my team is teeming with talent:

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Together we'll create the perfect scent.

Real World Example

We Already Did That Thing That You Want Us to Do

Here's how we do it.

Startled? Don’t be.

We can see it in your eyes. That project that you’d like to bring us on for?

Coincidentally, we’ve already done exactly that kind of work in the past. Multiple times, in fact. Some people call it a “profession”.

We call it destiny.

“What's in the box? What's in the box!?”


Take a tour of our Creative Center to see how our proven process will help define any fragrance development project.


Like a tailor constructs a suit, we concentrate on building visionary fragrance concepts to differentiate each of our customers' brands.


Our inclusive nature can transform our customers' brand image and define the future of fragrance.

Oli Gardner

Honorable mention for immortalizing me in the annals of landing page templates.

John Smith

John and his unnervingly generic name have been adding value to my team since 1998.

Jane Smith

Jane is … wait, Jane Smith? Are you guys siblings? Are your parents the most boring people on Earth?

Joe Smith

OK, let’s get real. I want copies of all of your birth certificates on my desk by EOD.

A Very Small Hedgehog

Questionable work ethic, but has made immeasurably positive contributions to office morale.

The Dark Spirits

Don’t ask them questions.

We help great brands create iconic scents.

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Together we'll create the perfect scent.

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