Growing a business – any business – isn’t a simple task.  No matter the industry, competition can be fierce and successful companies deliver not only excellent products and services, but they offer a unique experience – an extra layer that makes their company stand out from all the rest.

That can only happen as a result of brand building.  While brand building isn’t simple or necessarily intuitive, it is critical for creating loyal customers who not only purchase your products but also identify with your company, its products and its values.

Whether your company sells candles, cleaning products, toothpaste or moisturizers, fragrance matters in the brand building process. One of the most important decisions your company will make in its early stages is which fragrance company you’ll choose to partner with.  These companies have a wealth of resources that can make or break your branding experience. In other words, it’s a choice with huge implications for building your brand.

Building a Brand

Brand building is – at its core – creating and communicating a cohesive message and feel for your company.  It’s finding a way to tell people who you are, what you sell and what you believe in.  It’s a huge undertaking that requires collaboration and a variety of resources.

Why is building a brand so important?  Because no matter what you sell, you’re not alone.  Customers who aren’t loyal to your company will jump ship the moment they find a lower price, a new feature or a more convenient way to shop.  Brand building is all about loyalty because loyalty is what keeps customers coming back.

In short, your brand is what makes your company distinctive and unique.

The Role of Fragrance in Brand Identity

Creating a connection between your company and your customers depends on generating an emotional response.  Window cleaners may all work about the same, but customers come back to brands they trust  – and fragrances they enjoy.

Part of your brand building strategy should entail distilling the concepts, values and emotions you want to associate with your company.  You don’t necessarily need to think in terms of aromas, but rather in terms of what you want your customers to feel.  Descriptors like natural, earthy, upscale, rare, clean, youthful, sophisticated, outdoorsy, funky, eclectic, adventurous and subtle are all examples of values or attributes that could help brand your company.

Different fragrances trigger both memory and emotion, which means they are powerful tools in brand building.  Not all vanillas are created equal.  A cinnamon-vanilla blend may evoke comforting associations.  A vanilla-rose blend might be provocative and sexy.  A vanilla-patchouli blend might be unisex and earthy.  When it comes to fragrance, details matter. The right fragrance partner can help you ensure your company’s brand message is articulated through the scents you choose.

Fragrance Partnerships Enrich Your Brand

From the very first steps of creating a signature fragrance that conveys all the values and emotion that distinguishes your brand, the right fragrance company can be an experienced guide, a translator who transforms your ideas into aromatic inspiration.  Whether you need trend forecasting, experience with keeping fragrances stable in a variety of products and formulas or a manufacturer who will meet all your critical deadlines, your fragrance partner is an integral part of building your brand.

When your business involves fragrance, it’s about more than just making a great first impression.  It’s about building a company, an ethos that invites consumers to take that first impression and embrace it, to make it part of the impression they make on others.  Fragrance transcends so many boundaries, crossing the terrain of pleasure, memory, emotion, and yes, even purchasing decisions.  Ensuring that the fragrance company you partner with is equipped to not only make your products smell lovely but also to build your brand is a critical part of establishing a foothold and growing your business.

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