Industrial & Institutional
Fragrance Development

High-performing, cost-effective products with the right fragrance are a constant demand of manufacturers who are focused on non-residential and professional-strength applications. Fragrance development, combined with complex formula chemistry, can be a tricky process, but at Agilex Fragrances we have an extensive history of providing effective, economical fragrances for leading products and brands in the industrial and institutional (I&I) industry.

The Importance of Chemical Formula

Commercial-grade products often contain a variety of complex chemicals that potentially affect fragrance stability and performance. Certain combinations can create challenges with color, viscosity and stability, or even impact the effectiveness of the final formula as a whole.

Successful fragrance creation requires solid knowledge of chemical interactions, as well as fragrance trends in the I&I industry. At Agilex Fragrances, we tailor a custom fragrance solution to the requirements of each product your brand develops. By providing a customer-centered, multi-disciplinary team approach to solve issues, we can quickly and efficiently deal with problems with chemical compatibility, performance and stability in a holistic manner.

Cleaning Products

Industrial & institutional cleaning products for commercial spaces are used in a wide variety of applications. Due to the unique needs for safety and cleanliness within commercial spaces, we work with brands that develop products that include surface cleaning, floor care, disinfection and industrial-strength liquid soaps.

From brand to brand, Agilex Fragrances can develop a fragrance that’s as powerful as your product.

Air Freshening Systems

Make your air freshening systems stand out with bold fragrances. Air freshening systems provide an excellent opportunity to keep commercial spaces smelling great, even between cleaning times. By developing the perfect scent, you can increase your brand’s recognition and sales through products that support value growth.

Our Technologies

Agilex also has several innovative delivery systems and technologies that perform well in commercial spaces. Our patent-pending AromaGel® is an anhydrous gel system that, in combination with a fan or heated system, disperses scent evenly throughout the life of the product, facilitating a more linear release over time.

AquaFuse®, our patent-pending fragrance solubilization platform, allows you to get unprecedented levels of fragrance oil into water with a minimal amount of surfactant. For industrial air freshening, AquaFuse® provides a linear fragrance release with a definitive end-of-use indicator and a cleaner fragrance impression than organic solvents. Our AquaFuse® expertise can also assist in solubilizing higher levels of fragrance into other water-based products. Have a problem getting that fragrance into your product? We can help.