Innovation & Technical Support

Fragrance Manufacturer in NJ & NYC

When you’re looking to enhance your product line with a compelling fragrance that will increase brand awareness and drive sales, trust Agilex Fragrances to be your partner. With a suite of technologies that can help your brand succeed in the market and a support team that is second to none, we have the knowledge to develop the right fragrance for your target audience.

Our years of experience allow us to skillfully scent difficult base chemistries and odors, providing the best possible fragrance. Members of our highly trained perfumery team hold key positions in the American Society of Perfumers, and we have a talented group of applied research chemists, evaluators and product formulators. Together, they collaborate to ensure we meet all of the requirements, no matter how challenging the project.

Innovative Scent Solutions

To compete in today’s marketplace, you need to set your brand apart from the rest. Our innovative delivery systems can help make that happen. But how does one develop a fragrance solution that has staying power and sets your brand above your competition in the marketplace?

Our company has helped many brands develop the unique and high-performing scented products that set them apart.

Proprietary Technologies

AromaGel® is our patent-pending oil-based fragrance matrix that provides controlled linear release of your fragrance. AromaGel® is crystal clear and can be colored. It works well with all fragrance types and is sold as a ready-to-use scented gel. It is compliant with environmental regulations and works well with active systems. It is suitable for both consumer and industrial applications.

AquaFuse® is a patent-pending fragrance technology that has the ability to solubilize unprecedented fragrance levels in water. AquaFuse® is clean, safe and ethanol-free and gives a truer fragrance impression with almost no solvent odor. It can be used in passive or active wicking systems, room/refresher sprays and any other applications that require high levels of fragrance oil in water. For wicking systems, strength and use-up rate are customizable to meet client-specific requirements.

MetaGel® is our patented air-freshening gel matrix that can be heavily loaded with up to 85% fragrance. The gel is produced without heat, eliminating heat-related fragrance loss  during manufacturing. It is non-thermal reversible, very effective at scenting  small spaces and can be used in both active and passive systems.

AromaReed is a great option when you need an exceptional, aromatic home scent that is decorative and highly fragrant. As an industry leader in reed diffuser performance standards, Agilex’s AromaReed incorporates specially formulated fragrance solutions designed for excellent character translation and maximum cold throw.

Technical Support Team

You want to develop your new fragrance as quickly and as trouble-free as possible. We understand that you are dependent on your supplier to deliver as promised. As with any product development process, problems can occur that can jeopardize your launch date. Fortunately, our experienced technical support team is always one step ahead, actively seeking solutions to any possible issues they foresee before the issues even occur.

We are able to troubleshoot most issues that arise. When unexpected problems happen, we have the experience to help solve the problem quickly so that your product stays on schedule.