Visionary Marketing Concepts

Fragrance Manufacturer in NJ & NYC

Agilex’s strategic marketing services provide brand, market, consumer and olfactive insights to air care, home care, personal care and industrial and institutional segments.

Products.  Brands.  Markets.

Our marketing experts deliver intelligence-inspired fragrance concepts and marketing services through knowledge, creativity and insights.

We provide strategic thinking and long-term direction for fragrance at each intersection of our customers’ business.

As a collaborative resource, Agilex Marketing will drive leading fragrance development in a way that is memorable and compelling, to bring growth opportunities to your brands, and ultimately, your business.

Consumer and Market Research

Through the use of syndicated and custom research sources, our thorough marketing team will collect data, conduct analysis and report findings – for products, markets, consumer groups, technologies and companies-for any segment of your business.

Visual Olfactive Gap Analysis/Fragrance Mapping

Agilex’s proprietary, Web-based fragrance mapping tool, fragranceDNA™, customizes olfactive profiles for all major, domestically sold product launches to reveal growth opportunity spaces. Features include real-time updates, custom formatting, TMD “pop-ups” for fragrance submissions and competitor profiles.

Global SKU Tracking

We monitor new product launches from around the world. We create detailed reviews of category innovations, products’ positions and olfactive profiles as a way to ignite creative fragrance development.

Category Market Reports

Once a year, an in-depth analysis including complete market overviews, competitive landscape analysis and market outlook provides direction for growth.

Trend Reporting and Forecasting

What’s hot, developing and changing – today and tomorrow – in fragrance, technology, claims, ingredients and packaging. Influenced by lifestyle and olfactive patterns from around the globe, Agilex trend reporting enforces support of fragrance strategy.

Trend Treks

This progressive method offers live insight into existing and emerging fragrance ideas. Tasting, smelling, touching and observing are part of the journey to unique fragrance development. Conducted in any establishment in any city, Trend Treks provide real-time fragrance ideation.