Personal Care
Fragrance Development

When you’ve taken the time to develop an exceptional personal care product, we want to ensure it reaches its highest potential by infusing a fragrance that delights the senses.

Innovative brands in the personal care product industry have long relied on Agilex Fragrances to provide the best possible scent developed specifically for their products to create a larger sensory experience at home, in fine spas or at luxurious salons.

Body Care

Creating great body care products means creating a great experience. A bath and shower product with a sumptuous fragrance can make the experience more enjoyable. Your brand is in a unique position to give your customers a spa-like treatment right in their home.

Customers today choose body products that are based mainly on the fragrance. At Agilex, we can translate your marketing message into the perfect scent to exceed your consumers’ expectations. Once you have chosen the ideal scent, our perfumers, evaluators and application specialists work together to adapt it into all of your personal care bases such as body washes, moisturizers and body mists. When used together, these products create a total fragrance experience that will help to expand your market.

Hair Care

The fragrance of your hair care products, such as shampoos and conditioners, can make or break your brand. Studies have shown a direct correlation between fragrance preference and perceived product performance. This means that, even though your product may be great at detangling, conditioning or controlling frizz, if the scent isn’t right, customers won’t like the performance either. That’s why it’s imperative for your brand to get the fragrance right the first time.

By partnering with Agilex Fragrances, we’ll help your brand develop a scent that enhances the hair care experience and appeals to your target market. When your brand provides a great-smelling hair care product, a residual fragrance lingers in the user’s hair as a subtle reminder of how they started their day with a wonderful product from their favorite brand. We’re here to ensure that their favorite brand…is yours.

Fine Fragrance

Fine fragrances are so much more than a simple perfume or cologne; they are scents that define your customer’s personal identity. When working with Agilex Fragrances, our perfumers, fragrance evaluators and marketing experts collaborate to create a fragrance that captures your brand’s image resulting in a cohesive message that will drive sales.