Get ready to curl up and embrace the Sleepy Saturday fragrance trend for 2017! Picture comfy pajamas, lack of crazy schedule, and the ability to savor simple pleasures…that’s the mood of this Fall/Winter trend. Rather than focusing on manufactured perfection, Sleepy Saturday celebrates those moments when we can appreciate tradition, craftsmanship, and genuine quality.

Whether it’s a nod to the slow food movement, the decision to opt for imperfect, handmade furniture, or the warm, comforting aromas of hearth and home, Sleepy Saturday is full of cozy charm.

Slow Food

The slow food movement isn’t new, but it’s beginning to make inroads into mainstream culture. People who once might have opted for carryout, fast food, or simple mixes are now looking for the fulfillment they find in preparing home cooked meals from scratch. If there’s any doubt about how popular slow food has become, simply look to companies like Blue Apron – relative upstarts whose mission is to make it a little easier for home cooks to prepare meals from scratch in their own kitchens while saving time – time better spent sharing a meal with friends and family.

In addition to meal kits in the mail, there’s renewed interest in slow food techniques like canning, smoking, infusing, and pickling. Japanese designer Tomonori Tanaka created a portable pickle maker called Picklestone, which makes it easy for home cooks to produce their own pickles from fresh ingredients. SUNSET, growers of a wide variety of produce, dreamed up a Dill it Yourself Pickle kit.

Quiet Décor

Sleepy Saturday doesn’t give us cluttered or ornate spaces. Instead of relying on the precise lines of modern-era furniture, we’re more likely to see handmade furniture and artisanal craftsmanship at work. Forget about fussy, gilded accents. Sleepy Saturday embraces DIY textures and accessories.

From homey chalkboards ready for hand-lettered menus, to simple, rustic candleholders meant to provide warm, inviting light, home décor is all about repurposing time-honored traditions.

Think about old-fashioned Christmas, and you get the idea – and made presents, home-cooked holiday favorites, and the aromas of the season. In fact, if pumpkin spice had a décor, Sleepy Saturday would be it.

Aromatic Ambiance

The fragrances of Sleepy Saturday are precisely what you’d expect – with a slightly trendy twist. You’ll uncover warm vanilla, cozy spices, sugary baking notes, powdery hints, and the fresh influence of blood orange and mulled wine. Citrus and wine notes keep these homey fragrances from being cloying or out-of-fashion.

What could be more emblematic of this fragrance trend than a new release of an old classic? Ralph Lauren Woman was updated and re-released in 2017, and it hits all the right notes. With hazelnut and woody notes at the base, hints of orange blossom, rhubarb, and pear flesh the fragrance out with a fresh modern take on an old favorite.

Likewise, Emporio Armani’s Because It’s You wraps wearers up in a cozy mélange of sugary raspberry, warm vanilla, and rose. Hints of exotic musk make the homey fragrance positively intoxicating.

Simple Pleasures

Sleepy Saturday isn’t about manufactured perfection. It’s a willingness to embrace the beauty of the everyday. It’s the determination to cherish quiet moments and find joy in honest, unvarnished tradition.
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