Naturals Fragrance Creators


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Nature is the most innovative factory we know. At Agilex Fragrances, we know that our very business is rooted in nature and we are committed to using high quality raw materials that are fairly traded and sustainably grown. By leveraging our technical and botanical expertise, we are able to ensure that natural, and nature-identical, ingredients are the heart of your scents.

Naturals Palette & Partnerships

Naturals Palette & Partnerships

As a boutique fragrance manufacturer standing in partnership with the world’s largest privately-owned fragrance house, Agilex is able to provide interested clients with access to the finest, natural raw materials in the world. Our company network includes many of the best naturals farmers and producers worldwide – from Indonesia to Guatemala, all the way to Italy, Uganda, and Madagascar. Working hand in hand through innovative partnerships, these companies are addressing some of the most critical challenges in agriculture and exchanging technological ideas to help shape the future of naturals, together. Together they are preserving the diversity of ingredients and promoting the future of naturals for our creators, while providing sustainable livelihoods to indigenous peoples globally. The end result: a thriving community that partners to deliver natural, beautiful scents to you, our clients.

Become inspired by our partnership of thought-leaders in sustainability, innovation and creativity. Discover more at #naturalstogether.