Visionary Marketing

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We do it with passion, or not at all — and marketing is no exception. Agilex’s team of dedicated fragrance marketing experts deliver intelligence-inspired fragrance concepts and marketing services through knowledge, creativity and consumer insights. As a collaborative resource, Agilex marketing provides strategic thinking and drives fragrance development that is memorable and compelling.

Our strategic marketing services provide brand, market, consumer and olfactive insights for air care, home care, fine fragrance, personal care and industrial and institutional segments. Detailed market tracking and analysis, brand and olfactive monitoring, seasonal trend forecasting, fragrance concept development, and strategic fragrance positioning are a few of our added-value tools to help you leverage your marketing might behind your brand. We treat your business like is our business.

Consumer, Category & Market Reports

Consumer, Category & Market Reports

Category Market Reports

Our annual, in-depth category analyses, including market overviews, competitive landscape mappings and market outlooks, present you with actionable, value-added insight for your brand and business planning needs.

Global S.K.U. Tracking

By tracking new product launches around the world we are able to create detailed reviews of category innovations, product positions and olfactive profiles as a way to ignite creative fragrance development. This global, digital product launch encyclopedia means that we are plugged in to shifts in scent and can help keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Consumer & Market Research

Both custom and syndicated research allow our team to collect data, conduct analysis and report findings for products, markets, consumer groups, technologies and companies. The power of our insights helps drive your growth.

Fragrance Mapping & Olfactive GAP Analysis

Fragrance Mapping & Olfactive GAP Analysis

Web-Based Fragrance Mapping

Agilex’s proprietary, web-based fragrance mapping tool – fragranceDNA™ – customizes olfactive profiles for all major product launches sold domestically. Dynamic features include real-time updates, custom formatting, TMD (top-mid-dry) pop-ups for fragrance submissions and competitor profiles. This unparalleled software tool reveals white space and tangible growth opportunities.

Trend Reports, Forecasts & Treks

Trend Reports, Forecasts & Treks

Trend Reporting & Forecasting

At Agilex, our passionate team is on top of what’s hot! Our cool hunters track changing and emerging trends in technology, claims, ingredients and packaging each and every day. Influenced by lifestyle and olfactive patterns from around the globe, Agilex trend reporting enforces the foundation of your fragrance strategy.

Trend Treks

This progressive method offers live insight into existing and emerging fragrance ideas. Tasting, smelling, touching and observing is essential to unique fragrance development. Conducted across multiple touch-points, in any venue, in any city around the globe, Trend Treks provide real-time fragrance ideation.